& it was all yellow





Hi friends, happy May and happy belated 1 year anni to TeaforTieu ❤

Do you ever go shopping and have that wonderful moment when you see a misplaced and single pair of pants (or any other article of clothing) that are exactly your size and fit perfectly? Sounds like some Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants shit, right? Welp, these my traveling pants (minus Carmen, Tibby, Bridget, and Lena).

Although summer is my least favorite season, I’m loving these silk pants because they’re cool and comfortable – perfect for the heat! I usually stray away from bold prints but I’m determined to combat all the black in my wardrobe.

I’ve been trying to impulsively buy clothes more because I tend to overthink while shopping and these pants were one of those impulsive decisions I definitely don’t regret. Anyone else overthink like me?


Life update: I got a marketing internship and I’m stoked! I’m loving my new workplace and it’s cool being paid and applying what I’m learning in class to real-life applications. I’ve also moved back home and am free from RA duties so I have more time to myself and this blog I was so committed to last summer. Stay tuned for more, folks!

luv and peas,


Photos by Scott Luong (@scoluo)



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  1. Love the pattern on those pants! Good find 😀

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