Back to Black


All black ensembles are my go-to outfits for just about anything. It’s so easy to add pops of color with shoes or any color lipstick.


I love my minimal shoes and surprisingly, I found these white sandals at Old Navy a while back. They’ve been a staple in my closet ever since.


I’ve recently rediscovered how a red lip can significantly change my face and the mood of an entire outfit. I’m in love again. Two of my favorite red lippies for my skin tone are from Nars and Sephora.


Happy Black Friday, beautiful people!

So, I went on a bit of a hiatus because of school. August, September, and October flew by so quickly. That’s the thing about the last couple months of the year, they just fly by and next thing you know, it’s the new year!

Right about now is when I start thinking about my New Years Resolution. Yes, I am one to follow my resolution for only the first two weeks but my resolution for 2018 applies to how I want to live my life. For 2018, I only have one resolution – to be a more badass, unapologetic, fearless version of myself and to fuckin’ THRIVE. It’s one thing to be alive but another thing to live your best life without anything or anyone hindering you. I’ve been weighed down by the expectations of my parents, peers, etc. and now that I’m turning 21 this year, it’s my time now to live and do things for myself. I also want to be more outspoken about things I believe in. Does that make 2 resolutions?

I’m a huge believer in going after one’s passions and again, I got lost sight in doing that once I started school and became an RA. Don’t get me wrong, I love being an RA but lately, I’ve felt like I haven’t been doing things for myself. Blogging makes me remember that I can actually enjoy doing something for me. Scott’s a huge inspiration to me because ever since he’s been getting back into photography again, he’s been collaborating with a lot of amazing people and even a music label! He is also super passionate about his major, Advertising, something I’m still waiting for with my major. Once I do start my major classes, I hope it’s the same case for me.

Alas! My favorites for this week:

  1. Reputation – Taylor has outdone herself again.
  2. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – When your childhood game becomes an app, ’tis a beautiful thing. Download here.
  3. Google Keyboard– You can download it in the App Store here. Who knew swiping would be fun and even faster?

Hope you guys all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for you, especially, for taking time to read this! ❤

peas and luv,


moto jacket: f21 // top: topshop // pants: tobi // sandals: old navy

Photographer: Scott Luong 


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