Lipstick and Callous and Fishnets and Malice

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Oh darling… you’re a million ways to be cruel. 

Happy Thursday, lovely people!

What goes around, comes back around.

I am a true believer in karma. I believe actions, whether good or bad, have an effect on future happenings, similar to a domino effect. I’m not about solely doing things to have good things happen to you. Rather, I believe good deeds and wise decisions help you become a better individual and elevates you. Bad decisions result in future consequences. To me, it’s logic and I apply it to how I live life.

It’s funny how fashion also goes around and comes back again, each time, with a different purpose. In the 1920’s, fishnets were primarily worn by flappers for dancing and was also associated with promiscuity. In the 1970’s, fishnets embodied punk and rebellious youth. Today, fishnets are now a versatile layer that could be worn by everyone. I am in love with how fishnets add a little *~pizzaz~* to overall outfits.

A little life update: I finished summer school two weeks ago! Right after,  I officially started my summer vacation in Hawaii with my family and came back this Sunday. Stay on the lookout for my Hawaii post! As of now, I’m enjoying my summer to the fullest. I’m trying to get back into sewing as well as plan more blog posts this month! Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!

all love,


top: brandy melville // fisnets: baifern // denim: pacsun // heels: urban outfitters

Pictures by: Scott Luong


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