What’s For Desert?


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Happy Monday, loves!

The weather has been drastically different the past few days! And coincidentally, this weekend happened to be both EDC and graduation weekend (congrats, Sis!). The weather gods have surely decided to bless us these past few days.

This amazing desert-like weather has really inspired me this week. I love millennial pink because it’s subtle enough to pair with but also adds a vibrant pop of color. I also love asymmetrical skorts because not only are they chic but they also reduce the hassle of a skirt while being comfortable.

The weather gods have not only blessed us but the music gods as well! Lorde’s new album, Melodrama, is what I’ve pretty much been jamming to this entire weekend. My favorite tracks so far are Perfect Places, Liability, and Green Light. Lorde remains one of my favorite artists because her music perfectly encapsulates what’s currently happening in my life. I love how she sings not only about love but also just growing up and trying to find one’s identity. I’ve also really been into Calvin Harris’ new singles, Rollin featuring Khalid and Future and Feels, with Katy Perry, Pharrell, Big Sean. My summer spotify playlist is here.

As of now, I’m preparing for finals week (eek!) and I’m so ready for my summer to actually begin! This summer seems like it’s flying by. There’s July and then for the entire month of August, I’ll be training to be an RA! I’m so excited!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!


denim jacket: H&M // top: f21 // skirt: la mart // shoes: converse

Pictures by: Scott Luong


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  1. Millennial pink tho ✨👍❤️

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