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Happy Sunday, everyone!

I just finished Week 2 out of 6 weeks of summer school. What a feat! Something that always cheers me up is picking out flowers for myself at my local Trader Joe’s because 1) they’re cheap and gorgeous and 2) I have to pick up my monthly fix of Cookie Butter.

This outfit makes me feel like I’m either heading to a Fourth of July brunch or an Indiana Jones convention (do those exist?). Whenever I don red, white and blue together I can’t help but hear “murrrrrica” in my head.

I love wearing bandanas as an accessory because it’s gives a simple yet subtle finish to the overall outfit. Denim, of course, is never out of style and I believe is an American classic must-have for every wardrobe. This hat, by the way, has an extensive history between me and my big brother. He bought it on a whim for Coachella because I thought it looked so good on him. I tried it on as well and it complimented my outfit so well I ended up wearing it 2/3 days of Coachella (sorry, Big!). I swear, this hat is like the patched up jeans from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

You guysssss, every week I put out a new blog post, I learn a bunch of new things to tweak and improve on. I know it’s only going to go up from here. I’m so grateful for everyone’s support, seriously, it means so much.

all my lovin’,


hat: 21men // demin jacket: tilly’s // top & boots: f21 // jeans: pacsun 

Photos by: Scott Luong


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  1. Love how you’ve styled this outfit! 🙂

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