Back to the Basics


Let’s go back to the basics, y’all. Strip your life of all that schoolwork and exams. That’s what summer is for; self-care and spending quality time with your loved ones, unless you’re doing summer school or working full-time, which I send my condolences to you. I’ve been there. I love using my summers to workout, de-stress, try new places, hit the beach, and binge watch Orange is the New Black in bed since a new season comes out every June. (June 9, I’m waiting for you!).

If you’ve seen my closet (not many people have), you’d mostly only see small pops of color in a sea white and mostly black. I tend to gravitate towards monochromatic colors because they’re pretty timeless and easy to pair. Whenever someone asks me, “How would you describe your style?” I can’t really narrow it down to one category. I love bohemian chic pieces but I also love streetwear. Just anything that catches my eye, I guess.

Summer is coming (cue the Game of Thrones theme song) and a gal can’t wear shorts everyday so I’ve been on the lookout for summer bottoms!  If you are looking for more variety in your summer wardrobe, some bottoms that are in this season are wide-legged trousers, tiered skirts, skirted pants (whaaa?!), overalls, denim skirts, and gingham skirts (I love gingham, bless!), just to name a few.

I’ve decided to keep this outfit very basic by not throwing on accessories. For tennis skirt outfits, I prefer to keep the accessories at the minimum because I like having all the attention on the pleating. And in honor of seeing Chance the Rapper in October, I decided to don the cap I got from his last concert tour last September. If you were wondering, my lips are from ColourPop in Limbo!

For those of you on summer break, take the time now for self-care! Self-care is something I hold dear to my heart because how are you supposed to function when you’re not even a quality version of yourself? Try something new, pick up a hobby, surround yourself with your loved ones and go back to the basics.

IMG_1028 (1)

all my love,


cap: chance the rapper // top: f21 // skirt: american apparel // shoes: adidas

Photos by: Scott Luong 



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