Why Can’t We Be Friends?


Do you ever just have a friend crush on someone but you’re too afraid to pursue it? No? If you said no, you’re probably lying.

What is a friend crush, you might ask yourself? It’s like a romantic crush except platonic. It’s like when you see someone and you fall in love with their personality and everything about them and all you really want to do is just be friends with them. Yeah, I have tons of those.

Something I hate about myself is that I care a lot about what others think of me. It hinders how I meet people, how I post on social media, dictates my style, inhibits how I model, and much more. I know once I stop caring, I can be truly live shamelessly and that’s my goal! What I love about this little passion project is that this blog it’s pushing me out of my comfort zone and helping me, well, not give a fuck.

What I’m trying to say is, pursue your friend crushes! Who cares about what others think of you? You only have now to meet and surround yourself with amazing people and experience beautiful things. Be unapologetically you.


If you ever do decide to make the trip to the Korean Bell of Friendship, I would recommend heading to Sunken City because it’s only less than a half mile away. Sunken City is fenced off so we had to hop the gate to get in. It’s definitely worth the trip though. It’s a nice place to just chill by the beach and recollect your thoughts.


Alas, the outfit! All the pieces in my outfit have been in my closet FOREVER. I love putting together outfits with old pieces you’ve never thought would go well together. I never wear belts because they’re so inconvenient when you’re trying to change and such. I felt like this outfit was missing something and I found this old belt in the back of my closet. Viola! A complete outfit.

All love,


top: brandy melville // jeans: pacsun // boots, choker, rings: f21 // sunnies: ray bans

pictures by: Scott Luong




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  1. WHOOO GO TIFF!! You’re killing it!!!! 🎉

  2. I can definitely relate, I used to have a lot of friend crushes as well. I care too much about what people think, and it sucks cause really it makes you miss out on things. Good luck on your path to not caring anymore 🙂

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