SF, Baby

Last week was one of my most stressful weeks of the year – finals week. But hey, helloooo summer!

This past weekend, I headed to Stockton for a friend’s graduation (Congrats, Jess!) and I had the chance to explore SF with the bf.

With only half a day to explore, we decided to head to the bridge first before anything. On the way there, we ran into a lot of traffic and realized it was too foggy for it to be worth even going there. We then accidentally stumbled upon the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps not realizing it was the real thing and decided to stop there. The climb up all the stairs made Scott and I face the hard truth – we so unfit.  The view of all of SF and the little peek of the Golden Gate Bridge under all the fog made it so worth it though.

We then headed to Land’s End next, which Scott has been to before. What he forgotten however was that it was right next to the Sutro Baths which was where I wanted to go! For a hot minute, I forgot I was in a city because it was so serene. At some point during the hike, we were was in the forest-y part and a couple steps later, we were on the edge of a cliff of the beach facing the Sutro Baths. I wish I explored around there more but it’s okay! I’ll get another chance to soon. I’m so jealous of SF natives and their hiking trails!

We decided to hit up Sushirrito (basic, I know) for lunch. When I was looking on Yelp, however, I didn’t realize the location we were trying to go was closed for the day so we decided to get soup dumplings at House at Xian dumplings, which were so DELISH. Shame on me for not having pics!

This day was honestly so unplanned but everything happened to fall into place?? Lucky us?!

I apologize for the lack of pictures! I’ll try my best to document more.

Much love,


moto, top, necklace: f21 // skirt: idr // sneakers: converse

pictures by: Scott Luong






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