IMG_0060hello friends,

it’s been a while since my three pennies for our thoughts days… i’d say it’s been nearly 3 years?!

if you didn’t know already, three pennies for our thoughts was a blog for my ap english class. blogging for a grade for my high school english class was never a chore for me because it combined two things i was loved  – fashion and writing. from then on, i made it a goal to start my personal fashion blog.

once i started college, blogging became less and less of a priority. even though i was busy with school and life, in the back of my mind, i knew i still wanted to rekindle my passion for blogging.

with the semester coming to a close and the beginning of the summer, i’ve decided now is a better time than ever.

something i’ve really gravitated to this spring are monochromatic colors and bold statement pieces. oh, and gaucho pants. my third grade inner me is ecstatic! pairing shoes with gaucho pants is always difficult so i’ve decided to pair it with an oldie but a goldie in my closet – minimal heels.

shoutout to the bae, who effortlessly worked with my stiff self.

thanks for checking me out :^)


sunnies: ray bans // top, necklace, moto: f21 // pants: uniqlo // shoes: michael antonio

pictures by: Scott Luong

insta: @scoluo

flickr: @luongscott

fb: @scottluongproductions


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